Basis of ethical decsisions


It seems that the recent riots have got people thinking about why those people felt that it was OK to riot and loot and destroy and kill. Now the questions of how we deal with the aftermath – the sentencing and then rehabilitation of offenders is now hotly debated.

I am sure everyone is blaming everyone else – it’s not their fault. what I think is more interesting is the place of faith and how people of faith have made a difference from the churches that opened up an have helped people, to the Street Pastors who risked danger to be out on the streets, to then Sikhs that protected a mosque to Tariq Jahan who spoke words of forgiveness and peace into a volatile situation and spoke of how his faith was helping him deal with the grief.

And it is this impact that‘s making people stop and think about the role of faith in making a better society – this has been faith at it’s best and its making some people think deeply: see this article in The Telegraph where Katharine Birbalsingh  states that : ‘Tariq Jahan’s inspiring faith makes me wonder if atheists have got it wrong ‘ – see here for full article.

My question is whether we as Christians and churches are prepared to give a lead in helping people think these things through theologically or will we just either ignore the situation or just appear judgemental and separatist?


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