Lost connection

water1.jpgThis week my phone was accidently dropped in water! Disaster!
I retrieved it as quickly as I could, opened it up and dismantled it, dried it with a towel and then, when I returned home, plunged into rice (dry of course!) and then I hoped…..
The next morning I put it all back together with much trepidation and waited….all was well…or so it seemed – lights on, apps all present, and I could pick up the messages I had missed. Hurrah! I put the phone on to charge and went off to get ready to go out for the day!
Came downstairs and….disaster – blank screen.
I put the phone back in the rice and this time left it for 24 hours.
Meanwhile I went out with no phone: how could I tell my friend what train I was on, tell my husband when to pick me up on my return, hear the news that our daughter had a job (second time she has found a job within a month – so proud of her), or even check the train times and connections! That is without twittering and facebooking and keeping an eye on news.
I heard people talking on phones, checking stuff on their phone, playing games and listening to music. I had my Kindle but oh how I missed my phone! Funny how reliant and used to things we get and what a gap they leave when they are not there.

All of which made me reflect not only on my addiction to technology but also whether I miss God as much when I am not connected to the divine?


image from http://tech.701panduan.com/article-details.php?title=&sec=12&id=622


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