Sugar and spice and puppy dog tails

male female images.jpgAt the end of the service on Sunday someone came up to me and said that they and their wife had been shocked at something I had said in the sermon! My mind whizzed through all I had said, or thought I had said (one never knows…) to see what heresy I might have committed.

Turns out I was guilty of gender stereotyping: whilst telling a story that involved baking beans I said that the ladies would all know what meant…this guy is the one who does all the cooking in the house and so had used them whilst his wife didn’t use them. He said, with a smile on his face, that given I am keen to be inclusive where gender is concerned he was surprised I had said what I had said.
He was right of course – a bad mistake for which I apologised!

Later in the day as we watched our two grandchildren, one girl, one boy, rush around a huge indoor play area (whilst giving thanks for whoever invented a way of wearing children out whilst relaxing yourselves) I commented that the girls were just as fearless as the boys and rushing around just as much.

This week I am at a conference in Oxford: Baptists Doing Theology. There will be many brilliant papers and some of them are around this subject so it will be interesting to reflect on these two incidents and how whilst I can talk the talk I don’t always walk the walk!


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