prodigal daughter 1.jpgToday I went to the Induction of a Baptist minister in a neighbouring church. As always a great occasion and the preacher was great. I was glad to go not only to support and welcome the new minister but also that I was reminded of my own call and induction.

I was reminded that it is not that I have all the gifts needed, or even that I have some of the gifts needed to minister in this place but that God has called me and that I am God’s gift to the church for this season. That is both an awesome responsibility but also a relief…I do need to be perfect (thankfully) or be able to do all that is needed  – I just need to be the person God has called me to be: no more, no less.

As the preacher at my Induction reminded me: God believes in you!  I must remember that when I feel inadequate and useless!

God in his wisdom has decided that is enough for this place at this time – in the future they may need someone else but for the moment I am it!


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