Hello world!

Welcome to my new home.

I hope you have all found me easily. I decided to move my blog as my previous host was not being very hospitable and was charging me increasing amounts of money for a poor service so here I am at Word press.

The design will I hope continue to develop as I get to grips with the new software so please be patient with me!

The quote is from Proverbs – not that I am wise but that God is and I pray that in the ramblings and musing that I post here I may not prove too foolish because as Proverbs also states:

A foolish woman is loud: she is ignorant and knows nothing

Let’s hope I avoid that at least some of the time!


5 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Catriona

    Hello! Welcome to your new home.
    On the grounds I’ve never piad for blogging (the other place was free when I began and they honoured that when they changed) I’ staying put at least for now.

    If you manage to import you posts that just *might* pursaude me to move… put time will tell.

    Have fun with you new blog


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