Facebook did a major change to the way we all receive other people’s status updates and instantly there was universal condemnation for users. A group was formed called ‘DISLIKE’.

Comments such as:

Why can’t ‘they’ leave things as they are instead of messing about just for something to do?

…..doesn’t like the new Facebook layout. Why do they have to keep changing things?

I confess I joined in – I didn’t like the changes and didn’t  see the need for it.

Then I stopped and reflected…isn’t this what we often hear in churches when change is suggested – some folk don’t see the need or like/understand the change!

I mentioned this at our church meeting last night and someone commented that they had had the story of peter and Cornelius as their reading that morning and about how we always need to be ready to change.

I am thankful that i have a church who is always ready to try new things, even if they don’t understand or like them. Some do stay away not in protest – they are always supportive.

I am thankful for their generosity but also mindful of how we manage change so that people understand the reasons for it and it is not just imposed.


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