We had a good harvest today – lots of gifts and a great meal afterwards.  Almost all of the church were there and a few guests – even to the point where one elderly member of the congregation commented that she didn’t know ‘most’ of the people there. (we are only a small church)  She has been away for a few weeks due to ill-health and I guess as you get older it’s easy to lose touch with new folk. Two were guys from the local homeless hostel who have been joining us for nearly a month – which is great even though I had to tell one that he had to stop asking all the older folk for money as they were feeling a little intimidated – he was to come to me if he needed stuff- he said he would!  I always find this a hard balance – be be caring and generous  but wise as well!

But what struck me most was a small incident at the very end as we were clearing up – two young mums were talking and laughing so loudly that it drew attention from a few of our older folk. They were really loud and winding one another up – nothing remarkable in that except they have both had very difficult time over recent years and to see them standing there, full of life and laughter was just great – a testimony to the faith of them both and the support that their churches have given them.

It was joyous to see people of all ages worshiping and having fun together (one table of older folk were quite loud as they had fun with some squirty cream!)  There are times to be quiet and reverential but times of fun and laughter are important too ( I wish the world saw us like that more often!).

I reckon Jesus laughed a lot – what do you think?


2 thoughts on “Laughter

  1. nukelearfishing67

    I am convinced that Jesus laughed a lot. Much of what he said I reckon was accompanied by a smile and a twinkle in his eye. Many of his parables are laced with humour, and he was undoubtedly good company.

    I imagine him sitting with his disciples around the fire, after the teaching and the healing and the walking on water and all the rest of it… laughing at the silly things that happened, telling jokes, enjoying being together.

    Or maybe I am just a heretic!


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