Back to church

Juliet Kilpin has written a really good post here on Back to Church Sunday. We tried it last year and only one person invited someone else. We didn’t do it this year because we realized that actually most people in the church don’t know people who don’t come to church to invite them!

Last church meeting we began to think of ways we can reach out and make friends with people in the village: a knitting club, a Singing for Fun group will begin again as we have found someone to play for us, actively opening up our Beetle Drive to the community.   Two of us are being very brave and doing something both of us would never have envisaged doing – we are going to try our going to the WI!  Sadly we missed last month and the visit M&S because of a church meeting but this month its War medals ( I am interested as I have my step grandfather’s medals and I want to know what some of them are) – my fellow church member reckons she deserves a medal for going with me due to all the teasing we have had over it!    As I said to her: as minister and church secretary we need to lead by example!  😉

Watch this space for a report!

We now need to build relationships with the parents of our parent and tot, after-school club, and youth club. A meal for the mum next Mothering Sunday is one idea but we need more….

Small steps but I pray significant ones.


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