It’s funny how something bad – a very persistent cough which is stopping me from sleeping can be a blessing!
I have been thinking about guilt – something we all rightly, and sometimes wrongly, feel. A recent conversation took me me back to a long term feeling of guilt I have over something and I didn’t like it.
But in the early hours of of this morning as I sat coughing I realized that actually the guilt I feel is misplaced: the situation over which I worry is actually due to two different people who made each made a decision that were right for them at the time but have had long term consequences for me.
So finally I have stopped feeling guilty that all is not how some people would want it to be – it’s not like it, and it never will be, and that is not my fault.
Who ever thought that a pesky cough would bring about a such a resolution for me – it seems God really does work in mysterious ways!


One thought on “Guilt

  1. Catriona

    Yes, I think it’s a really valuable lesson to learn not to feel guilty about other people’s decisions and their consequences.

    Hope the cough is soon gone – you don’t want too many nights spent contemplating!


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