A few weeks ago I began preaching on Philemon – yes I know it’s only 25 verses – and we though about praising people – it’s great to encourage and praise others I said.
Well today was I was encouraged and praised and it was great!
I am not well – chest infection – so bad I actually went to the doctor – almost unheard for me – and was prescribed antibiotics and an inhaler. I feel weak and miserable not having slept for several days and coughing continually.. I am also tired and in need of the break we have next week. And I hate that I am miserable because I know it will get better in a few days – I am not really ill yet here I am moaning!
Al in all I am not at my best so when two people contacted me today, both unexpected and from very different spheres to praise me: one ask me to do things I didn’t think I could do and one to thank me for my contribution to something.
My initial reaction was to deflect the praise – to say I was out of my depth, to say others could do it better (why do we find receiving praise so difficult?)
But as I reflected later on the two calls I realized that ,Yes, I deserved the praise, that I should have more confidence in myself and try to see myself as others do – it cheered me up no end!

It’s good to praise and it’s good to receive praise – we should all do it a whole lot more!


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