Street Pastors

Last Friday night I had the privilege of going out with our local Street Pastors with a view to training. We started out at 10 pm and went on till 4 am with a short break for a bite to eat. we covered our local town but also did a quick trip into a neighbouring town to cover a new nightclub at chucking out time at 2 am  and then back for our club at 3am. Thankfully, I am an owl so staying up, especially when talking is easy – next day was harder!

Several things stuck me:

1. The love and appreciation shopwn to us but people who had encountered Street Pastors before – many hugs and thanks received and photos required.

2. The amazement on faces when people asked us who we were, what we did and why – showing God’s love for free was well recieved.

3. the amazement on the girl’s faces as we gave out the free pink flip flops – again free gifts were greeted with astonishment and gratitude.

4. the appreciation of the security staff and local police.

We had some great conversations, one man just out do his daily walk says he wants to try church again, others just getting a great sight of Christians showing God’s love and wanting nothing in return. As the lead guy said when people ask me what God’s love looks like and I ge5t out the flip-flops.

What saddened me was hearing the the churches in another town in our area had rejected any suggestion of starting  Street Pastors in their area and that so many men and women made themselves so vulnerable by excess drinking and lack of money to get home. Oh, and that hey are surprised that Christians are showing love freely!

I haven’t heard whether they think I am suitable to train but I hope they do – I loved it – so refreshing for me and such an enormous joy to serve in  this way.


4 thoughts on “Street Pastors

  1. Jenny Few

    Hi, so pleased you had this experience! Go for it if you get the chance; it’s probably what I miss most from time in Leicester


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