As I indicated a while ago my mum has been going through a process of seeing whether she has a memory issue and this week it was decided that she does indeed have Alzheimer’s. The professionals have decided not to tell her because she still does not accept that there is a problem – not sure how she ever will as she doesn’t remember that she has forgotten stuff. Which also means they won’t give her medication just yet!

The advice to me was that she is no longer mentally competent to make a will, although a solicitor disagrees with this, and that I may need to enact the enduring power of attorney I have for her ( at a cost I discovered of between £400-1,000) because her finances are a disaster.

Along side all this advice i was told to remember that i am her daughter and not her mother! so take over her life because she can’t to it herself but stay her daughter.  Not quite sure how to do this!

Visiting two ladies the other week – same age, over 90, one physically frail but mentally sharp and one reasonably fine physically but mind increasingly lost. The first frustrated and the second blissfully happy. I came away wondering which I would chose given the choice?

Everyone tells me not to grow old…wish they would tell me how not to! (my daughters have said they will take me out and shot me if my mind goes – a least it would be quick!)





2 thoughts on “Forgetfulness

  1. Tim Edworthy

    Been there, done that, Julie. We registered the Power of Attorney for my Mum after my Dad died. I’m sure it didn’t cost anywhere near £400, never mind £1000. Check with a solicitor, if you haven’t already. Then begins the task of registering the PA with all her banks, building societies, insurance companies, whatever. Give me a call if you want to talk it through. It’s sad, but I hope you can still enjoy some good times with your Mum.


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