Keep going

Yesterday I went out visiting our shut-in ladies and going round local shops/doctors/pub to deliver presents and cards. Had two interesting encounters. One with a shopkeeper who declared himself a Hindu so we compared experiences of Diwali and talked about faith, He told me his dad made him go to church when he was a boy despite his protests that he didn’t know the customs and would feel uncomfortable. His father insisted because he wanted his son to learn that there was good in other faiths and that respect was needed.

I then popped into the local town knowing that parking was going to be a challenge! I entered the car park behind a another car who drove very slowly understandably trying to see a space. This car park has a central drive in to goes up to a T junction with spaces on either side. The car stopped and the driver looked again for several minutes..eventually a car comes from the left and drives across us towards the other side…no spaces on the left then…but still she waits…….

Finally she moves and drives to the right and I follow her…first section has no spaces so move on into the next one where she stops again…I can see the first car heading towards a parking place at the far end and no other spaces on our bit…..but still she sits blocking the entrance to this section,,,and she sits…and she sits…… I assume she has seen someone getting into a car and so is waiting to take the place…and still she sits….

Eventually my patience gives and I honk her..please move forward or across so I can get round and out and seek a space elsewhere. She chooses ot move across and let me pass…and I drive round the loop expecting to leave the car park but lo and behold as I turn into the next row there is a space and I gratefully park.  As I ready to exit the car and other car drives round the corner and I get several mouthfuls of abuse which thankfully I can’t hear but I get the drift!  I smiled sweetly back…after all if she had just kept going on both occasions she would have got to one of the two empty spaces but because she stopped because she couldn’t see the way forward she missed her chances!

As I walked a round the shops I reflected on the experience and realized that we often do that…we stop because we can”t see the way forward but if we just kept going we might find the what we are looking for…God goes before us and just asks us to follow – if we did that who knows what we might discover!

I once went to the House of Lords for a funtion and discovered a playgroup leader to start a playgroup in Leicester!

And, of course, a few wise men followed a star and found Jesus


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