Ignore at your peril

Well here we are in 2012..I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year. Mine was filled with church and family and friends and relaxing. However In the week leading up to Christmas I suddenly decided to try and locate my external hard drive for my computer and started to investigate back-up/imaging software..but it was a busy ti,e so I left it and meaning to return to it in the new year. On Christmas Eve I turned on my computer and…nothing…windows would not load, recovery program me failed and claimed there was no restore point ( there was!). My lovely neighbour came over and had a look – no luck but he did manage to back up all my files (we hoped!) Thankfully everything I needed for service the next day was already printed! Phew!  A very nice repair man eventually looked at it this week and has restored all my files and software. Phew again!  I have found my ‘hidden’ hard drive and now just need to decide on some back-up software.

But it made me think of all the times I ignore that nagging voice in my head.  How often I have lived to regret not acting on that voice and have let people down by not being attentive enough to God and missing their need. Thankfully, I do act sometimes and have seen someone just before they died, or stopped and helped the person who can’t articulate their need.

My new year resolution is to try and be more attentive to that divine prompt, to not delay acting on it wherever possible

(oh and to find some great software to save all that worry again – I have enough grey hairs thanks!)


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